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Control Spa
A program for spa management, treatment and hospitality services.

Control Spa - A system program for individual spa management and/or a network of additional spa rooms and various kinds
of treatment rooms, such as fitness clubs, health clubs etc. In addition, it is possible to use this system to manage boarding services at bed and breakfast facilities and guest houses, as an integrated part of spa services,
or independently. The work with the Control Spa system operates by a card format. The program is simple, user-friendly and economical in terms of personnel. All functions in the system operate within seconds; the training process is short, also when changing personnel the training is short.
The interface supports any language. In the current version you can see it in Hebrew, English, French and Russian by selecting the language by the button, and permits data input in any language supported by the Windows operating system.

The cards are divided by subject:
Subscriptions - management and treatment of clients and members.
Diary - A diary of treatments which allows operations at the spa
to be controlled, including reservations, treatments, hospitality
and additional services.
Clients - Implementation of activities according to client
Treatment history of special customers, etc.
Menus - the system management screen, through which all
(user level) definitions of the system are carried out i.e. staff management (manpower), categories, treatments, products
and management of product stocks, both for sale and for
internal use, types of memberships etc.
Hereunder further details of the program possibilities:
Reservations - management system according to the "traffic light" method, including a system for the implementation of tentative reservations with no time limit, and implementation of reservations
for treatments by two therapists. It is possible to handle the
reservations of treatments, additional services and guest rooms.
Diary - Computerized work diary, with three modes of display, according to the "traffic light" method. The diary has a number
of options for updating the reservation. It is possible to update all the data or one individual item of data (price, hour, etc.) and the possibility of exchanging the data between two reservations.
Personnel management - A system of managing all staff data
such as: personal details, accumulation of hours, calculation of commission, etc.
Work Schedule - Quick and easy implementation of work
according to permanent shifts scheduled in advance, or
entered manually.
Treatments - Definition of treatment data such as: time, room (chair), price, etc. Specification of which therapists can perform certain treatments etc. In addition, it is possible to define all of
the guest services for a specific reservation such as type of room, length of stay, price, location, etc.
Price list - Price list for treatments and hospitality services. It is possible to indicate a number of different prices for each
treatment or guest service.
Treatment Packages - A system for building treatment packages and hospitality packages, and in addition, packages with the possibility of choosing a treatment from among a number of choices.
Client database - A system for client database management including:
client details, history, comments etc., as well as management
of customer services.
Cash - Modern cash register with sales position, vouchers,
manual debiting, discounts etc. In addition, a system for
managing credit debts and standing orders.
Stock - A management system for two types of stock (stock
for sale, and stock for internal use), order suggestions,
supplier management, sales commissions, etc.
Reports - An advanced report system allowing wide variety of reports to be issued, and in addition, it is possible to add reports according to client requirements. The report system is a powerful tool both for management of operations and for supplying all
of the requirements for business accounting management. The report system includes reports on payments according to
invoices, receipts, cash, aging debts, sales, room charges, departments, etc., as well as future payments including yearly breakdowns, expected revenues, etc. In addition, reports of
member activity management and customer service,
management reports on input activity, treatments, reservations, events, etc., for the spa, fitness club, other clubs and guest rooms.
Sales inventory management reports and, separately, stock management for self-use including order recommendations, sales, purchases etc.
In addition, reports for management and tracking of personnel and
therapist activity.
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