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Control Salon for the management of Hair Salons

Advanced technology in the service of hair designers.
A program for the management of hair design studios, planned and built
in cooperation and working with the staff of Israel's leading hair designers, and experienced programmers. Leading hair designers such as the Shiki Zikri chain, and Shai Greenberg, are already working with the program, and don't cease to be excited with its capabilities.
The interface supports any language. In the current version you can see it in Hebrew, English, French and Russian by selecting the language by the button, and permits data input in any language supported by the Windows operating system.

Control Salon will assist you to implement:
Ongoing follow-up of customer movement from the day they first visit the salon:
What colors were used?
What treatment was given?
Frequency of visits/treatment and preferred hours.
Date of last visit.
Customer preferences
Reminder of important events, birthdays, schedules for receipt
of gifts.
And so on, and so forth?..
Managing the computerized business diary
Computerized work diary, with three modes of display to manage
hairdresser appointments, treatment and appointed hour.

Sophisticated cash register, flexible and easy to operate, including a system of credit card verification with Automatic Banking Services.

Pricelist management, products, stock for internal use and stock
for sale.
Management of all business accounts.
Personnel management
Management of worker schedules.
Management of workers bonuses and commissions.
Client assignment and preferences.
We have prepared a Power Point presentation for you which describes
the program.
The presentation can be viewed by clicking on the link, or download by
a right click on the link, and in the window which opens, choose "Save
target as".
To view the presentation, click here.
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