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Control Touch

Integrated Measurement of Internal and External Client Satisfaction

Control Touch is a revolutionary multi-media product from Control Spa technologies which conveys feedback, surveys, advertising to and from clients using the latest technology - a friendly touch-screen which speaks
in a human voice and enquires as to their level of satisfaction. The information garnered is processed, combined and reported anywhere
in the world as it happens.

An intimate knowledge of the client's needs and an accurate measure
of their level of satisfaction are the kernel of strategic decisions and have become critical to attaining a relative advantage in the new markets. In
spite of the importance of a direct and qualitative relationship with the
client most organizations rely on antiquated measurement methods (pen and paper surveys, delayed results and low reliability of statistics.) These techniques are clearly no longer suitable in the new atmosphere of technology, client service and informational accuracy that has now
become pervasive.

The jerusalem-touch Integrated System
Based on the newly defined principles in the field of service, as defined
in the latest ground-breaking research by Berry, Parsuraman and
Zeithaml, Control Touch includes a touch-screen, a bank of questions which measure subtle elements of satisfaction (of your clients, workers
and management) and a management tool to assist in measurement, evaluation and decision taking in REAL TIME for all your operational decisions.

1) User Friendly - Short and pleasant interaction with the client using sampled questions (aprox. 60 seconds) custom designed with your company's individual motif.

2) Real-Time Feedback - Customer satisfaction is accumulated and delivered to management online in order to allow improvements during
the servicing of that particular client group segment.

3) Statistical Accuracy - The system is designed to allow a broad cross-section of many clients answering small semi-random questionnaire samples from a large bank, increasing accuracy and spread.

4) Scientific and Academic Precision - The core of the questionnaire focuses on the five most important dimensions of service as defined
by the most comprehensive research in the field to date.

5) Tailoring to your Organization - Unique questionnaire and graphic
design of the system are customized for your organization and its culture.

6) Ongoing Client Dialogue - The system allows ongoing measurement
of client satisfaction by interactively choosing and advancing specific questions, topics or departments as needed at that time.

7) Internal and External Surveys - The system measures satisfaction
not only of external but also internal customers (surveys of managers
and staff) and correlates between them, contributing significantly to the service culture.

8) A Management Tool for Decision Making and Service Improvement - Analysis of the results by management and workers by cross-sections,
drill-down reports (by dimensions of service, departments and subjects) and timelines enable identification of bottle-necks in service and implementation of improvement policies.

9) Interfaces to Supplementary Service Information Sources -
Combining Control touch reports with information from other sources
such as: guest complaints, customer service requests, sales figures
and focus groups gives an all-inclusive picture of the service status of
the organization.

10) A Combined Approach: Feedback, Information and Advertising -
Control Touch
is also able to combine organizational information as
well as advertising to open an avenue not just for the client to talk to you,
but for you to communicate with the client as well.

Control Touch is a high-end software product developed by Control Spa in Eilat, Israel in conjunction with The OpTeam Institute for quality management in Kiriat Tivon, headed by Giora Ayalon - academic advisor for Touch- Mood product and processes.

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