Zimmer in Israel


The programs are 'Control Spa' and 'Control Salon' which are programs for the management of beauty salons and the management of Spas, that provide solutions for a wide segment of the market that need a program to integrate orders diary management, together with stock management and personnel management.

The company is the only one in the market today which focuses all of the client's needs in one program. During the five years that Control Spa
has been marketed in Israel and around the world, the program for unique comprehensive management solutions has become the leading seller in
a Windows environment. It is marketed in Israel and worldwide, and in
various languages.

Organizational Structure

The company employs more than 20 staff including marketing and sales, programming engineers, support and training team, an administrative team and a financial team. The entire team is composed of professionals with many years' experience and they are the leading professionals in the field,
as well as sub-contractors when necessary. The head office is located in Jerusalem and the field teams are prepared to provide support to clients throughout the country.

Tailor-made for each client
Control Spa offers its clients exclusive programs which provide
optimal solutions for their needs, as well as developing various functions
in accordance with the clients' requirements; development of reports as required, individual adaptation of the program to meet the physical
structure (!) of the business, and adapting a database for the specific
activities of the business.
Our strength stems from our ability to adapt the product exclusively for
each client.

Products in Development

The company is about to come out with programs that will revolutionize
the field of service and human resources: Programs that will enable the business owners and service providers to create direct and straight-forward interaction with the clients, and to communicate with them directly on
matters connected with finding out what their requests and requirements

Company Vision
Control Spa strives to develop additional 'niche' programs for segments
of the market not yet addressed by existing off-the-shelf programs already available on the market, and marketing them in Israel and abroad.

In addition, we strive to find a way of establishing the ability to provide a solution for exclusive businesses at an personal level, that is, programs which provide a solution for individuals within the framework of their private lives, rather that at work. These programs will serve as an auxiliary tool at the individual level.

Service and Training
Control Spa has one of the most advanced support centers in Israel
and serves as a world-wide information center for the field.
Each client is assigned a training team which guides establishment of the system from its inception, through to the final implementation, including of course, telephone support during each stage.

The support teams are prepared to accept calls 24 hours a day.


Control Spa:    Tel: 972-2-6247783
Support:  Tel: 972-2-6247783