Zimmer in Israel


Our software is created using the latest 32/64-bit Client/Server
technology with combination of Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 / Microsoft
Visual C++ / Python / Prolog as a front-end to the ADO 2.x and database
software of the user's choice (Sybase, Oracle, MS SQL).

We also use Crystal Reports / Report Lab ( PDF generation ) for reporting
modules, CORBA technology for Client/Server communication, Microsoft
OLE / COM / COM+ and Microsoft ActivX technologies for component architecture, Rational Rose for OOD.
Development process is based on Object Oriented Design, Object
Oriented Programming, and SQL technology.

The software is built using custom made and purchased program objects,
ensuring a top-notch mix of speed, graphics, usability and reliability.

For secure software protection, licensing & distribution we are using HASP
Software Digital Rights Management products that provide us with ability to
protect, license and distribute our products.

Control Spa:    Tel: 972-2-6247783
Support:  Tel: 972-2-6247783